The Instrument – shown on this website – is extremely close to a PRS style shape. It was approximated by the use of several PRS Images, I have found on the internet. I really like the violin shape of the guitar’s top and it is – compared to other models, like the typical Stratocasters – a harder building process. I have already built some of these shapes by hand and I’m going to make one of these beautiful guitars by the additional help of CNC, before I’ll start the next project. As you can see, the 3D design does already exist. Every guitar image on this website is a rendering of the PRS rebuilt. I am still optimizing and modifying the shape etc. until the building process can finally start. You will find my documentation about CAD, CAM and the building process on the blog. Hopefully in the future I’m going to show several guitar models on this site.

[us_testimonial author=”Simon” company=”“Admin“” img=”75″]Please be patient, because the website is still under construction (24.06.2015)[/us_testimonial]

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