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guitar building and design


A whole guitar design process – from the first sketch up to the final rendering – is described on this website. Adobe Illustrator is used to draw vector graphics, which are analyzed and optimized in Siemens NX. Renderings are made on early stages of the process for decision issues by use of the NX Raytracing Studio, available in the Mach 3 bundle.

guitar building and engineering


Functionality of the instrument is guaranteed with help of permanent analysis and update stable construction with NX CAD and its Wave Control bundle. It’s a must to fulfil the requirements of the manufacturing process. Therefore PMI is used to transport information through the whole digital product lifecycle.

guitar building


The manufacturing process is – as far as possible and commercial for guitar building – made by the help of NX CAM! The integrated CAM solution allows to work in a consistent manner. Copy/ paste and replace functionalities, especially the libraries can be used to optimize speed and at least profit.

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NX is assembled with the new Raytracing Studio!

The newer Siemens NX versions offer a new modernized 64bit rendering environment, which includes the required options to create product images for promotion issues.
The entire procedure of handling amazing rendering scenes with the best case automatisms will be shown in the blog within the guitar building process.

Read about NX CAD and CAM being used in a consistent guitar building process.

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