Download free guitar side bender files!


Guitar side bender step files

Feel free to download these step files showing a concept of my guitar side bender.

The assembled mold is based on an OM. The mold surfaces are overall curvature constant for smoother look and lower stress. Dimensions can be measured by use of the 3D model. The electrical components can be obtained here.

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  • Derek Smith
    2020-01-14 10:55 pm

    This is fantastic, thank you so much!! Just getting into the world of CNC and was thinking about making a new jig or two for my shop, so glad I found this. Do you have a setup for your radius sanding dish too?

    • You’re welcome. I have, but I don’t have time st the moment to upload files etc. I promise to catch up and also upload other models etc. soon. Especially because I have some brand new jig plans in stock like an improved mortise and tenon jig, concerning the LMI version e.g.

  • Ahmed Zanaty
    2020-04-03 11:49 pm

    Hello dear.. I need to know how much it is cost??
    And from you are to measuring shipping costs to my country

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