Guitar building

Let’s think about a concept!

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As you can see obviously, this site is about building instruments with the help of CAD and CNC in a consistent manner. And while looking at all these background images on my website, you can imagine that the project has already proceeded up to a later stage.

I’ll be trying to give you the chance to catch up of course. You can use the contact formula, either the comment function to position your questions concerning the project.

First of all, before starting such a project, we have to think about the product. The first good to be discussed is a PRS style guitar. I’ve already built three of these models in the past, but compared to this project, this was all done without the help of computers, not to mention the use of CNC. Especially the violin shape of the PRS guitar is hard to be copied without special machinery and of course the initial model has to be perfect. It don’t make sense to duplicate things, which are not well defined.

Compared to a handmade guitar, the CNC instrument needs in a sum a lot more time being produced, because of the design process and especially the type of modification is different. The CAD process allows us to undo things. I use the rendering tool from NX to create photorealistic images for comparison reasons and the amount of time, I’ve spent on the design modifications and prototyping is large.

To save a small sum of time at the end, it really makes sense to create a series of models and to create, or build things for reuse in further projects.

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