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Obviously the first CNC guitar building process already proceeded and most of the computerized operations have finished, as I’m still practicing on my new CNC machine. I have optimized the procedure after the first run, but I am still not satisfied with my CAD structure and there is still room for optimizations. Instead of manufacturing PRS style guitars on and on, I decided to plan a new model (LP style) being documented from scratch and by use of a PDM system to store my huge amount of datasets. Especially for optimization and variance issues, it makes sense to implement Siemens’ Teamcenter for my next run. Teamcenter allows me to display and manage the product lifecycle in a more efficient and sustainable manner then by use of just an operating system like MS Windows.

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  • Hi , great work
    I’m luthier here in Brasil , how i do to get the planes for PRS like that to make on my cnc Router ?
    Thank you so much for your atention


  • David Voss
    2016-03-03 3:09 pm

    I love what you have done.
    I have been looking for a high quality PRS type guitar kit that I can build and finish myself.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in machining a body and neck for me?
    If this is possible I would like to discuss the costs.


    David Voss

    Toronto, Ontario Canada

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your nice comment.
      I’ve been too busy to response faster – sorry for that.
      My business is still consulting CAD software and beside this I am spending my weekends on building acoustic guitars.
      Right now, it’s not possible.
      But soon, I will upload a more detailed plan, that can be used for a hand-making a PRS.
      Best regards

      • MMMMM very nice ….im guitar player with long expereince and would like test your guitar .contact me please thank you .

        • Hi Tom
          As you’re in germany, feel free to contact me and play it.
          Best regards

  • Very nice CAD work and the guitar looks great too. I am impressed with the detail inlay and using the CNC to cut the fret slots. Which bit were you using? Did you have a fast or slow feed rate? Any bit breakage? Thanks

    • Hi Art

      I used 0,6mm router bits, as they were necessary for the fret slots. No broken bits in case of cutting wood, but when cutting the pearl.
      The feed rate for pearl was 250 m/min, for the rosewood 400 m/min. Cutting depth 0,25 for the pearl and 0,3 for the wood.
      An extremely high spindle speed is required because of the small diameter. The possible maximum with my kress 1050 was 25.000 rpm
      The pearl’s top surface needs to be as flat as possible!
      With all those parameters and regarding the router bit quality, I had no breakage at all.


  • Hello Simon,
    I DL’s the file and opened it in Fusion 360. I’m a fairly experienced builder but somewhat new to CNC. The drawing is very impressive and extremely professional! I planed some Mahogany down to 28.575mm yesterday as prep for this project. I’m curious if the neck angle is correct as you have already constructed a build. Did you find the 2.7-degree angle correct when it came time to install the bridge ?
    Thank you for sharing this excellent work!

    • Hi Brad,
      OMG – so sorry for late response, but I am completely stuck in business. Yes, the angle in that case was approimately correct. Of course, finetuning was done by hand!
      Any experiences yet?


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